lunedì 16 marzo 2009

Margaret Hamburg and the new US-FDA

I have read with a particular interest these recent news about the re-organization of the US-FDA: President Obama has nominated Margaret Hamburg as President of the US Food ad Drug Administration (FDA). President Obama has also declared that the american food safety system, as is presently organized, is a "risk for public haelth" and it must severly modified (above all after recent cases of death from unsafe food and dangerous medicines).

The US President has also expressed his intention to create a specific task force on food safety with the mission to advice him on improvements on laws and regulations and coordinating the related concrete actions.

President Obama has also declared that he seriously looks at food safety not only as president but also as a parent. He has also said that parents should be sure that food is safe and not dangerous for the health of their children.

These news have many issues to think about: first of all President Obama has nominated a high skilled, young woman coming from scientific research. Her short CV can be seen at this link .

This case shows that political affiliations are useless when dealing with public interest: professional quality, capabilties, expertizes, know how must prevail above all in the field of food and medicines' safety. Any comparison with the italian reality, where women, research, professional competencies, expertizes are regularly humiliated, is unimaginable.

Maybe sameone could say that these declarations are good stuff for the press, but however they show how the problem of food safety is seriously considered in USA. Food safety is a public right which has to be granted above all to the weakest social components having less economic resources to acquire better and healthier food.

Going beyond those considerations about economic, health, social and psicho-physical costs of irrational and bad-quality diet (i.e. obesity), from these initiatives emerge a clear intention to concretely manage and solve these problems making public interest prevail over big corporations' pressures. Public good cannot result as a collateral effect from a mediation of private interests.

With this initiative President Obama demonstrates that politics must do its job and take its responsibilities without leaving this too precious task to others...

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