mercoledì 4 marzo 2009

Crisis and Recession: the unacceptable costs of italian politics

In a critical peridod like this one, during which a growing number of people and families has to cope with the negative effects of the current recession, the exorbitant costs of italian politics (at national and regional level), the high wages of public managers and the dramatic continuous waste of public money in the public organizations close to the political galaxy, appear more and more unacceptable.

All this becomes even more unacceptable when thinking that this issue has completely desappeared from public debate and very rarely it is questioned. For this reason I will emphasize this topic, I consider a severe form of injustice and pathologic distorsion of a democratic system, in any occasion I have: this is a real theft.

It is unacceptable to listen to these politicians stating that there are no economic resources to support the weaker components of our communites just considering that with a MP wage it could be possible to pay the monthly wages fo at least 10 workers! The exorbitant costs of italian politics are a problem not only in ethic terms but also in economic terms: we cannot afford them anymore! Italian politics are continuously and constantly removing very precious resources, which have become as such because they are scarcer and scarcer, which should be rather used in a more productive, efficient and effective way.

We should be afraid of the increases in the levels of inequality and injustice rather than decrease or negative values in GNP.

For this reason, I launch a provocative proposal. Immediate cuts in politics' costs and creation, with the resulting resources, of a special fund for investments in incentives toward really innovative firms which intend to operate in the economy of the future (alternative energy, innovative engines, new transportation system, healthy food, etc.) and to create new jobs in those public services more important to stimulate socio-economic development.

This special fund could finance the employment of supporting staff in the sector of Justice Administration (which in Italy suffers a chronical lack of personnel), education, university and research and in those services linked to medical, social and health care in general.

In this way we will obtain a redistributive effects: reducing resource to whom has already too much, creating useful jobs together with a potential increases in the quality levels of these service provision...

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