lunedì 30 marzo 2009

G-20, Financial Markets, Transparency

The G-20 meeting of april 2nd is getting closer and many questions are emerging from the public about the approach of the governments of the more advanced economies, and above all about the measures these governments are intending to adopt to cope with the present global economic crisis.

The main questions are related to these Governments' capabilities and willingness to identify and implement measures and strategies capable to hamper future negative consequences produced by no-rule financial markets (impeding in the same time the proliferation of forms of virused speculation and systemic cheating economy completely separated from real production and labour) rather than spending public money to rescue debacling banks (whose managers have been paid for decades to cheat public and to steal people's and firms' savings).

With regard to this I highlight an interesting document prepared by Trasparency International - TI - on these sensitive issues.

TI, in a letter to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, indicates in the lack of transparency and in the critical role of tax-heavens the main causes of the current crisis.

In this letter some macro problematic dimensions and the related strategies and proposals are indicated:
  • Regulation and supervision
  • Rescue measures
  • Offshore havens and other non-cooperative financial centres
  • Governance
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Investigations and Sanctions
  • Aid

This letter can be found here.

It is very interesting also the related discussion forum.

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