lunedì 2 marzo 2009

Ink-stained milk: Consumers 1 - Big Corporations 0

An Italian Judge has pronounced a sentence against two big corporations (Nestlè and Tetrapak) for milk contamination by chemicals.

The sentence has involved milk, destined to infancy use, produced by Netstlè-Italy and packaged by Tetrapak confiscated in Marche Region in 2005 in the tipologies:
«Mio», «Mio Cereali», «Nidina 2», exp. sept. 2006;
«Nidina 1» exp. may 2006

These products were commonly sold in supermarkets, food shops and pharmacies. They have been confiscated after lab analises which confirmed that milk was contaminated by traces of a chemical component, IsopropilThioXanthone (ITX), used in ink production destined to Tetrapak packages.

Being isopropylthioxanthone a chemical for printing use, it has been verified that milk has been contaminated by the passage of this component from the packaging to the content.

Nestlè has been found responsible to have sold a contaminated milk with a damage for consumers' health (in this case babies).

Surely this sentence, the first of this kind in Italy, represents an important victory for consumers and consumers' associations, as Codacons which has strongly fought in this case, in the frontline to defend our health and to put a limit for the big food corporations' superpower.

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