mercoledì 11 marzo 2009

Illusion Politics

New nuclear plants, changes in the parliamentary voting system, non-existent social cards, no-rule construction policies, doctors forced to denounce illegal immigrants when arriving in hospitals, citizens' security squads, Everyday there is a new boutade.

All this doesnt' happen accidentally, above all when comparing the bombarding government's propaganda with the absolute silence of the opposition parties.

We are dealing with a most evident expression of the "Illusion Politics" (borrowing this term from Bauman) based on an excess of continuing promises directed to elminate the generalized frustration. Such a policy is linked to the people's irrationality who by now do not want to be informed and become aware of political choices (at national and local level). This kind of policy is directed to stimulate continuing emotions rather than a rationale: in this way illusions, extraordinary declarations, impossible promises do not provoke disdain but they confirm in uninformed and unaware people the idea to belong to a fundamentally right political project.

Exaggeration allows these irrational political expectations to remain always turned on. Italians do not require political committment or realistic, impartial and fair strategies and measures: what italians really desire is a series of fundamentally illusory and deceptive but alluring and actractive promises. These promises may be always ignored but the continuing research of this political fulfilment must go on...

This explains the umpopularity of the former Prodi's government and the continuing failures of the opposition parties because they have tried to interrupt this "italian dream": maybe it could be better to define it an "italian nightmare"....

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