martedì 2 dicembre 2008

The Prejudices' church

France will present to UN, on behalf of the 25 member States of the European Union, a proposal for a decriminalization of homosexuality. Everyone of course may discuss about the contents of this proposal and any observation and comment added to this debate is obviously an useful contribution within a positive and constructive discussion.

Yet the motivations with which the Vatican has rejected this proposal cannot be absolutely accepted.

According to the Vatican, the danger that "the States not acknowledging the unions between same sex persons as 'marriage' can be internationally pilloried and subjects of pressures".

What clearly emerges from this statement, is that the problem for the catholic church mainly consists of avoiding embarassment, deriving from this proposal's approval, for those States having discriminatory laws against omosexuals rather than eleminating these forms of discrimination.

I repeat that here it is not important to discuss about homosexuality: I believe that the persons' private affaires, their choices, their decisions must remain private affaires which cannot be regulated through criminalizations or discriminations.

What I would discuss here is the emerging, as confirmed by this statement, of the usual rearguard battle of the catholic church against any laic expression of Europe and the European citizens through the usual muddy confusion between the concept of "crime" and the concept of "sin". A rearguard battle the catholic church has always fought, and is still fighting, against any form of "diversity": against homosexuals, against women, against the Nature, against the differently believers, against science, against contraception, against other cultures, etc. Against, against, against, always against.

The catholic church is confirming not to be close to who, suffering the discrimation effects of cultural and legal prejudices, is forced to live homosexuality as a "tragedy" or as a dramatic experience as usually happens in Italy.

The catholic church is confirming is usual choice preferring to stay close to those fomenting these prejudices and to the political parties which are expression of these prejudices.

The catholic church is preferring to be a source of prejudices itself intsead of interpreting the experiences of millions of persons (often catholics)

The catholic church is working hard against same-sex unions, but it is silent in front of mafia's crimes or the degradation of Mother Earth.

The media silence accompanying this statement makes clear that the catholic church and the italian political forces in line with the vatican strategy, are essentially engaged to defend a hypocrite idea of family and sexuality where prejudices and formal appearance overcome any critical reflection about personal ethic responsibility and the real meaning of the concept of "family union".

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