lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

Hopes from Poznan

On dec. 2nd will start in Poznan (Poland) the World Conference on Climate Change. Many hopes are focused on this event considering that our economies and lifestyles are continuosly increasing CO2 emissions as ever. In the period 2000/2006 CO2 emissions, according to an UN report, have increased for a +2.3%: in spite of the Kyoto protocol. So, many congratulations to Germany which has reduced emissions (-18.2% ), thanks also an efficient photovolatic campaign, UK (-15.1%) and France (-3.5%).

A big boooo boooo then to USA (+14.4%), Finland (+13.2%), Norway (+7.7%) and above all Italy (+9.9%).

I think that the hopes to revert this situation, making something really concrete, are essentially linked to the new American President who could make really his motto "Change, We Can" work in this field, abandoning the disastrous strategy adopted by the previous administration so far. A further hope is that other Governments will seek his example.

With regards to Italy, I don't believe actually that something will change: environmental issues are not a priority for italian government as well as for the majority of italians. The economic decrease, following the recent financial crisis, may represent an opportunity both for a reduction in CO2 emissions (for a parallel reduction in production and consumption) and for the definition of new productive opportunities linked to "sustainablity". On the contrary, in Italy, instead of exploiting of the present situation for a reconversion of the production base towards green options, becoming competitive in the future scenarios, instead of reducing no-use consumption styles linked to trasportation of goods on long distances and preferring local goods, government is suggesting to slaken environmental limits to support firms and their productions: in the same way consumers are invited to consume and buy more!! Economy has to prevail over environment.

Fortunately the reduced incomes for many italian families probably will push toward wise forms of private expenditures.

I think that, considering the myopia and incompetence of our political class, it is up to us, powerless people, through our everyday choices, to protect our future and the quality of our lives.

Do not allow that someone who spends his time in his luxury "Buen Retiro" will decide about our health.

Do not wait for someone else intervention on your behalf: rather let's give a positive lesson of wisdom, ethics and foresight to those not capable to have these values...

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