martedì 16 dicembre 2008

Environment and Energy Policies: a good example from USA

The future American President, Barack Obama, has indicated the first group of top experts will deal with energy and environment issues.

To the Ministry for Environment, Steven Chu, Nobel prize winner for Physics well-known for his researches on renovable energies and his fight against global warming, Carol Browner, Climate Change, Lisa Jackson, future director of EPA (Environmental protection Agency) and Nancy Sutley, White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Barack Obama accompanied these indications stating that "America will lead not just at the negotiating table — we will lead, as we always have, through innovation and discovery"

Listening to these news from here, I receive all this with a sad and bitter note of envy.

The future American Top Administration is likely to be composed by Nobel Prize winners, with a considerable presence of women and young experts, highly skilled, competent and qualified personalities potentially capable to cope with and (I hope) solve the dramatic problems of the present times; and this is valid not only for environment and energy, surely at the core of these problems, but also for all the intervention fields.

Surely we in Italy cannot feature similar political performances: diffused "gerontocracy", sistematic discrimination against women in politics, diffused political corruption at any level, incompetent cinic politicians selected only on the base of their political affiliation and servility...

The statement: "America will lead not just at the negotiating table — we will lead, as we always have, through innovation and discovery" stimulates a further envy. From this statement I personally argue that in the future innovation and research will represent for USA not only a priority but governing tools.

In Italy public schools and education system are collapsing because considered costs to be cut (except for catholic schools which will benefit further State economic support for political reasons - mind the Vatican).

Universities and research centres are not only useless and expansive, but they still remain places to be politically occupied where valuation systems, quality and merit must be banished.

There's a lot to think about...

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