lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

A Christmas Tree in St. Peter's Square

After many posts about economic topics, I would like to write something about the great Christmas Tree yesterday has been inaugurated in St. Peter's Square in Rome. This is a 33m tree, coming from the Austrian Forests, about 120 years old which has been donated to the pope and to the vatican.

I'm not an expert in forest management but I have to say that this tradition seems to me completely absurd and irrational. A 120 years fir tree is a green monument which has been killed just for a whim...

Trees are not "objects", but living beings with a dignity and worthy of our respect. I have recently read a very good book by J. Brosse titled "Trees' Mythology" (I warmly suggest to read this book) where the author give an ancient and traditional role and a mysticism back to these living beings continuosly threatened by the criminal madness of the "exploitation economy".

Considering the great suffering we are everyday inflicting to Mother Earth, maybe a sign of awareness by the pope and the vatican about these issues would have been highly appreciated.

This vatican tradition thus is annoying me and it seems to me completely stupid and useless...

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