mercoledì 3 dicembre 2008

The city of Viterbo defeats construction speculation (once in a while...)

With great pleasure, I publish the following press note of Legambiente (Environmental Association) - City of Viterbo

A great day for Viterbo

Viterbo (central Italy) is the city of water, fountains, thermal baths having also one of the most beautiful historical city centre of Europe. Viterbo finally has conquered its Park, a Natural Regional Wildlife Reserve of the Arcionello Valley: 400 hectares where planning a new story of legality and valorisation.

This is a great opportunity, even before being an extraordinary victory of the free people of Viterbo and their association which, during the last five years, have been committed to this aim with many initiatives, meetings, workshops, etc.

This result has been achieved also thanks to the firmness and competence in some public administrators of the Lazio Region Offices.

This is an extraordinary example of real participation in the history of the city of Viterbo.

Legambiente submitted its first proposal to rescue this valley about 20 years ago and many times Legambiente was about to surrender in front of the power of speculators. Legambiente keeps on considering unacceptable the Integrated Plan supported by the former Major of Viterbo, even in its reduced form, which covered with a wave of cement the most beautiful valley of Viterbo, the last one still free from construction speculation, passed as a recovery intervention.

Now a new phase will begin. Let's build together the Natural Reserve: starting from a new central role for the ideas and initiatives from associations, schools, people. This will be a great laboratory, a special opportunity to reconstruct the imagine of the city of Viterbo, rediscover its historical roots and build real participation actions.

While expressing great satisfaction for the achievement of this result, Legambiente intends to remind the widening of the Natural Wildlife Reserve Area in the Lake of Vico. This is another extraordinary moment for the entire Province of Viterbo. We hope that all this may represent a new season for the protection and valorisation of our environmental heritages.

Well done!!!

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