giovedì 4 settembre 2008

When a fixed term job is a sickness 2

In my previous post I have considered fixed term jobs in Italy as an example of political and social sickness expressing perverse relations between society and powerful politicians. Politicians need to be adulated and revered in order to keep legitimacy while conversely according to powerless people point of view politicians have to be exploited. In Italy a culture of law doesn’t really exist because a culture of “favour” actually dominates and an effective politician, in order to be really powerful, has to be able to distribute “favours”. Politics in Italy consist of the mediation of favours which allows the surviving, legitimacy and continuity for these politicians. The circularity of favours is the precondition for the social role of Italian politics which is prompt to conceal them until there are clients who require them. In Italy, excluding very few exceptions, politics do not require “adhesion” but “servility” with an opportunistic acceptance of roles. For this reason it is better to have good relations with politicians of any kind and ethics or sense of responsibility are completely useless. Politicians in Italy are selected according to their capability to distribute favours and for this reason the more appreciated politicians are those capable to give more favours rather than those capable to pursue public interests: however this is what finally common people really want. This mechanism is circular because if a politician cannot do this he surely will loose his seat. In this way public money, fixed term jobs, a license concession, quick health services, etc. are used for this aim. The saddest side of the issue is that these facts are well known and all this provokes envy and admiration rather than opposition and blame. This is the reason why I believe that for this issue there is no solution when the core problem is an incapability to self government and develop a real sense of democracy.

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