mercoledì 24 settembre 2008

Good time among Etruscans

We have spent a very good time last Sunday September 21st at Castel d’Asso near the city of Viterbo, in the Etruscan necropolis, a space usually forgotten and in a general bad conditions. At the 16.00 guided tours started along the steep paths, recovered and re-structured by volunteers, over the rocks dominating the beautiful valley and at the same time the laboratories of experimental archaeology, distributed in the necropolis, have been opened. At the end of the tours we have enjoyed an interesting musical exhibition with flutes similar to those used in the past by the Etruscans and at 19.00, with ambient music, we had an Etruscan-roman “Degustatio”, a dinner made of ancient recipes with dishes based on legumes and meat. At 19.30 a representation titled “Ancient Vagabonds” (a fantasy novel on Etruscans) was presented in the night light within the necropolis. At 21.00 movies about Etruscan civilization and history. In conclusion, we had a good example of rural-archaeological space recovering with traditional and local culture promotion.

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