lunedì 8 settembre 2008

Be the politician of yourself

In Italy the discussion about ethics and economics is getting harder and harder above all since when an entire political class has convinced the nation that everything can be bought with money. The lack in Italy, just with very few exceptions, of the figure of the “entrepreneur” in a Schumpeterian sense replaced by certain managers and pseudo-industrials showed that political corruption can be economically and socially acceptable and the manoeuvres between economy and politics can safely remain hidden. The case of Alitalia clearly evidences that corruption, lack of competencies, opaque connections between politics and economy can on the contrary corrode, ruin and destroy not only a firm but the social system as a whole. The Alitalia affaire is thus a worrying example about how the things go in Italy such as in the case of the problem of the exceeding workforce in Alitalia. Probably, according to a rigorous economic point of view, the concept of “exceeding workforce” is perfectly reasonable and coherent. Yet nobody wonders about the modalities and causes through which this exceeding labour force has been created and about the dramatic war among the Alitalia workers in order not to become an exceeding worker. All of us are called to make sacrifices in presence of crises and maybe the entire Italian society will bear, through the tax system, the costs necessary to solve the Alitalia debts: but sacrifices are acceptable if shared by all. When I watch in TV these perfectly bronzed politicians just returned from their summer residences and yachts delineating hard times for Italian citizens, then the policy of sacrifices and cuts is no longer tolerable. I think that a relevant part of Italian society shouldn’t pay the bill for the more or less deliberated management mistakes made by these politicians and their friends who as usual privatize gains and socialize losses. So I wonder: maybe in Italy we don’t need many political rights, but the right not to be cheated and clowned should be pretended. In this case, as in other circumstances, the most dramatic thing is that we all (the so called powerless people) permitted these kind of politicians to steal our dignity, time, jobs, religion, creativity, etc. We are now unable to create, think, invent, and delineate projects for the future of any kind. How all this becomes possible? Why do we allow that all this can presently happens with the demolition of anything is public (health, education, research and universities, social systems, etc.)? We should become the politicians and the MP of ourselves with our direct involvement in the management of those thousand little things in the everyday life renouncing to the idea of “Nimby” (Not in my backyard) and breaking down the complicity links with the “dark politics”…

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