venerdì 26 settembre 2008

Cinema and Environment

In the town of Vetralla, in the province of Viterbo - central Italy, on sept. 26th it will be presented the movie "Biutiful Cauntri", a shocking film on the eco-mafia in Campania region. This film has been created with the cooperation of Legambiente, an Italian Environmental Association. The movie will be followed by an open discussion with Prof. Valentini of Univeristy of Tuscia and Umberto Cinalli, coordinator of the Environment and Legality Agency of the province of Viterbo. The discussion's topic: defending local resources.
This initiative detains a critical role to mobilize local communities about a direct responsibility in territorial management. As clearly showed by the environmental crisis in Campania Region, an ethic restoration should always represent the foundamentals for an environmental restoration. Without a widespread sense of legality and responsibility, as shared public good, a territorial bad management will be always a preferible option above all when local politicians act as a "business committee". Legality is the only real engine for a local environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development. If national and local politics continue to look at environmental issues on the base of short term problems, useful only to election scopes, territorial management will be pursued in a very superficial and stupid manner or put in the hands of criminals who will put at risk the health and lives of local communities. For this reason, we should considered the land where we live as our direct property: we must organize ourselves towards a direct land management otherwise, waiting for interventions form "above", things will surely go worse.

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