lunedì 29 settembre 2008

A Good Local Initiative...

Clean Up the World in the Tuscia Area: a Good Strike...

Enthusiam and fun: these are the sensations of the participants to Italian edition of the international event "Clean Up the World" held also in the Province of Viterbo (Tuscia). Every year the participation, above all of school children, is confirmed and is continuosly growing: hence, thanks also to a sunny autumn day, last sunday in Oriolo Romano and Canepina (province of Viterbo, Central Italy) more than 100 children have cleaned and cured slices of this world usually polluted by adults. Thanks to the cooperation of local schools and public administrators, it has been possible to intervene with gloves and bins on degraded town roads and public parks.
As usual, this year has been characterized by environmental emergencies also in the Province of Viterbo such as for the water crisis - due also to the presence of arsenic in many villages and the problem of the red algae in Vico and Bolsena lakes - and the waste problem not yet properly managed and organized also for the lack of a global Waste Plan for the Province of Viterbo. Last, but not least, the problems of land clearance and dumps for toxic wastes while Lazio Region Administration is about to concede authorizations, in an irrational way, to new dumps as new wounds for our land.
In this context, children in Oriolo Romano and Canepina are sendig us a message of hope for the future denouncing our irresponsibility and lack of respect for our land.

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