mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

The state of environment in Italy: the Legambiente 2010 Report

In these days, during which it emerges on the one hand the wave of ethical pollution involving wide sectors of the italian politics and entrepreneurship and on the other hand the large number of landslides, mud avalanches and destruction of entire ecosystems everywhere in Italy, the recent release of the 2010 Lagambiente report on the state of the environment in Italy is definitively appropriate.

For details and contents please refer to this press release (in italian).

I want just to take some time to make few considerations: I think that taking environmental and ethical degradation as two separate issues is a very dangerous mistake. An irresponsible political class and entrepreneurs without scruples both having as only goal their profits' maximization and the occupation of any public space will look at environment only as a limit or as a dump where to dispose of their "externalities".

Nonetheless environment is not a passive system only suffering our wounds: it shows a sort of boomerang effect being composed of a large number of variables trying always to achieve an equilibrium. For example in the case of a no-rule construction abusivism or massive construction speculations the territory reacts trying to establish an order where the anarchy of the "everyone does what he likes" principle brings chaos. In short, where bulldozers cannot arrive to demolish construction abuses, sooner or later landslides will bring back some justice...

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