martedì 2 febbraio 2010

A Country adrift

Many observers have many times evidenced that Italy completely lacks a real economic policy. In TV and on the press, italian politicians often debate about secondary o no importance issues while critical knots of the italian society remain unsolved: job, environment, crime, corruption, devastation of justice, fiscal evasion, education, scientific research, public health, etc...

The dramatic result of this condition is that the principle of "do it yourself" becomes commonly shared: the rule of the "lassez faire" in Italy finds its best and complete implementation. No rules, no laws, no regulations: do it yourself!

In this way, who has financial resources and a discrete dose of cynicism can survive in this environment in spite of the Lord of the moment: exactly as it was in the past at the times of the occupation of Italy by Austria, Spain or France.

Who shows unwillingness or incapability to accept this, immediately becomes a burden, a problem for this kind of society: he becomes a real social misfit.

There is no respect and consideration for childhood, elderly people and women. There is no respect and consideration for illness, disability, poverty, immigration. All this is a social brake for the "Happy Hour" politics.

The co-share principle thus becomes: "let the Lord of the moment do what he wants, but he must leave us doing what we want and how we want". This idea is so rooted into the italian society that today even the most obvious action necessary for a minimal civil and decent public life has become totally umpopular. Italians can bear anything as long as they are free to do their own business without any interference.

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