giovedì 25 febbraio 2010

No limits to the managers' wages

The Finance commission of the Italian parliament has cancelled the norm about the limits to the managers' wages and stcok options.

These news are difficult to comment. Just to think about the dramatic crisis and recession with its high number of workers who have lost their jobs, families in great economic difficulties, temporary workers at risk: well a sign of good sense should have been warmly accepted.

We have the exactly the contrary. In brief when these individuals (who have prvoked with their greed, speculations and avidity this crisis whose costs are paid only by the usual weak social components) can gain no-limits wages, all this must be considered as an insult. Feel free to speculate. Feel free to gain. Just feel free!

How much these managers want to gain? Is there any limit to human greed? Where the rules of the game for financial markets are? Whose interests does this government intend to support and defend?

Any answer to these question is well accepted...

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