giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Nuclear Energy and Civil Protection in Italy

Someone may argue, by this post's title, that I have some problems of mental confusion because I'm linking two topics not directly connected. Well, in my opinion in Italy at presents these two facts are strictly linked.

First of all, there are the news about the intention of the italian government to rebuild nuclear plants (stopped in the 80's after a referendum) on the base of a new energy program based also on nuclera energy.

Secondly there are some news about possible corruption and scandals involving the State Civil Protection: once again bribes, money, sex, favours, political intrigues and so on.

I don't want neither to discuss about nuclear energy (its costs, its benefits, nuclear wastes, etc.) nor to express comments about police inquires directed to determine reposnsibilites about this possible new scandal.

So, where's the point? What I'm thinking about, as I have already done in case of severe waste emergencies in Italy with dramatic connections between politics and organized crime, is the extreme danger in Italy when dealing with sensitive issues such as environment, public health, nuclear energy, etc.

I mean that in a country where corruption is so widespread, where greed is one of the key-value, where politics is a tool to aquire feudal privileges, where the presence of organized crime is highly diffused everywhere, well I think that the management of nuclear "power" in Italy will be based on rather fragile ethical and legal bases.

This is not a problem of managing autovelox or public buildings' restructuring: nuclear reactors and nuclear wastes are at stake. I cannot imagine the effects of organized crime's intrusion in such an issue or the consequences of corruption, bribes and nepotism in nuclear energy management.

Thus it's not an environmental problem; it's a problem of trust...

In brief, also considering this last presumed corruption scandal, frankly I have many, many worries...

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