lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

Open Democrcacy: ten questions to Italy's opposition

We are living strange times in Italy. The entire italian society seems to be completely anaesthetized dealing with (real) mud avalanches, vulgarity and corruption. It is clear by now the state of intellectual atrophy plaguing Italy as fundamental cause of this dramatic condition. The destruction of the education, research and culture systems in every expression and manifestation has generated and ignorant society or a society which ignores pretending its right-duty to ignore.

This ignorance provides ligitimation to this political class which consider itself completely free to violate any rensponsibility duty towards the base of the pyramid whose this political class considers itself the absolute paramount. Politicians and political parties are thus a sort of XXI century Sun King with his court of lackeys and skivvies. Even the pope protested for this situation with late and weak appeals.

We have only our vote, but a large part of italian society is under blackmail. Only few can feel free to express their vote. A precarious society, the lack of real opposition forces, the transformation of citizens into clients, may drive to forced choices or to abstention.

Nonetheless, the filth as tool of political government enjoys a large consensus as ever in Italy. No one intends to criticize or modify the status quo. This makes a new Tangentopoli totaly unthinkable in these days in Italy for the complete isolation of any kind of dissent (not only in political terms but also in terms of lifestyles) within the society as a whole.

This kind of political masochism highly wonders observators abroad: how it can be possible that the italian society can bear this political class capable to be so bad? Where does this masochism find its reasons and foundations? Why a real opposition doen't exist in Italy?

These questions assume a relevant importance in a future perspective: can this society survive this political class and its values? Where is the future political class in Italy?

Open Democracy has elaborated 10 questions included in an interesting article. These questions have been prepared for the political opposition in Italy but I think that everyone of us should think about it and provide some replies... It's a good exercise...

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