lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

Italian Intellectuals against "legitimate impediment" bill

Italian intellectual world is mobilizing to defend the pincples of the Italian Constitution and to oppose to the "legitimate impediment" bill allowing Prime Minister not to attend trials against him because of official commitments. Further details may be found here.

Italians intellectuals are protesting because this bill violates the fundamental principle that everyone is equal before the law and through this protest they intend to show to the entire italian society that in Italy some social components working to make this country a decent place still exist. In the sametime this protest is a sign to put a limit to political arrogance and to those politicians who believe to be free from any ethical and responsibility constrain.

This appeal is supported by Andrea Camilleri (writer), Margherita Hack (scientist) and Paolo Flores D'Arcais (journalist) also for the 27 feb demonstration in Rome against this bill.

This document (in italian) can be found here
Details of the 27 feb. demonstration (in italian) can be found here

I suggest also the reading of this article (in italian) by Paolo Flores D'Arcais.

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