lunedì 6 luglio 2009

Sustainability movements in Italy: Zoes

In my continuing searching for a sustainability spirit in Italy, sometimes I find crummy initiatives (often deriving from political parties improvising a facade environmental vocation): in other occasions, I can find really interesting actions.

As an example of real positive initiatives in this field in Italy, I evidence the italian network Zoes acting as meeting point from different groups, associations and individuals really interested in "change" and in a concrete sustainable "paradigm shift".

This network collects useful news, initiatives, events, suggestions, co-shared experiences, theme-sections, workshops, etc. also directed to stimulate forms of informed and aware consumption. I suggest therefore to visit this network also to find useful info for those interested in local development, local communities' involvement and community participation (extremely important in this period of social anaemia in Italy).

This is also a contribution to show how, despite of the bad imagine Italy has worldwide for the poor quality of its politicians, some Italians are doing something good (lightyears foward than these politicians...)

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