lunedì 27 luglio 2009

Arson in Italy

As every summer, the arson' season has arrived in Italy. I'm talking about arson because nobody no longer can believe to the tale of "self-combustion" caused by high summer temperatures.

This problem, having high costs in terms of humen lives, environmental devastations and economic losses, clearly evidences the total lack of a culture of territory in Italy and those strict links between speculation, corrupted politicians and crime (more or less organized).

After all, as mentioned by a major in a town in Sardinia, who still believes that arsonists are only local foolish guys is only a day-dreamer. As long as the "fire business" or the exploitation of fired areas will be more gainful than woods and forrests' management and preservation, there will be nothing to do...

In a country and in a period where anything and anyone can be bought or sold, without this reverse perspective, there will be nothing to do.

The most boring thing for me in discussing this issue is to re-write the same post every summer. And I'm doing the same now. Why I'm doing so? Because I feel that the deeper reasons which cause fires not only have not been removed, but rather they are continuosly enforced.

These devastations are not the effect of a lack of an environmental culture but they must be referred to pathological expressions of hyper-utilitarism and hyper-materialism, which deeply characterize our present society. The same mentality at the base of the widespread illegality in Italy - which hits for example public health, organized crime, waste (mis)management or the systematic destruction of our historical and cultural heritage - is at the base of the forests’ devastations.

Italy one can speculate on anything by now and it seems particularly lucrative the speculation on those factors influencing the future of all (environment, security, health, education, etc.). From this, the degradation business finds its sources through the possibility to make easy money from fire extinguishing, forest re-plantation, construction speculations, agricultural land widening, illegal gaming, job creation in emergency squads, use of air and land equipments, etc.

The problem is thus the ethic degradation preceding the environmental degradation to which no replies have been identified yet; it seems rather that in these more recent times the opportunist and cheating culture is even politically very appealing and attractive.

Just think that it's not a coincidence that in Italy arsonists very rarely are identified and arrested and only few local administrations have created a land register of the fired areas (as imposed by a national law).

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