giovedì 30 luglio 2009

Political "Attractors"

Several times I have written in this blog about the "non sense" pushes which are pending over italian politics both at local and national level: Being involved in politics in Italy frequently can become, for an honest individual, a very frustrating affaire: considering also what is coming from everyday news (ethical degradation, corruption, sex scandals, low profile individuals, no competencies, cinicism, and so on) one can become rather pessimist.

Italian politicians, under so many points of view, often are lagging light-years behind compared to the issues coming for civil society: environment, quality of life, health, security, etc.

On the italian web site "Decrescita" (Degrowth) this interesting document (in italian) has been recently released: in my opinion, it contains many questions and topics to think about. I suggest its reading also to open a wider debate on the suggestions and proposals here presented.

I think that sooner or later, we in Italy will be forced to deal with these issues and I think it's better to face them "sooner" rather than "later" as ususal (when probably it will be too late)...

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