mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

Is G8 really useful?

I often wonder if these great summits of big developed countries, like G8, can be really useful: many theretical declarations, many expressions of good intentions but few facts and concrete decisions and actions.

In front of us there are critical issues whose responsibilties are linked to the incapabilities and unwillingness of the same governments represented in this summit to modify the current development models and to forecast the dynamics of the present crises.

Without a great positive and constructive mobilization of movements, associations, families and individuals, G8 will remain only a media-event unable to produce any contribution useful to manage "change".

With regards to this, I enclose the following press-release (my translation from italian) of the Italian Committee "In Marcia per il Clima" (On the march for climate) as constructive example of participation. Change can start from all of us in our everyday life: do not wait for G8 decisions...


Committee “In Marcia per il Clima”:

To G8 governments for the reduction of polluting emissions

"Climate on Earth is changing. The crisis is creating unemplyment. Oil is more and more expansive. Be timely and wise".

This is the first point in the appeal to the G8 governments of the committee “In marcia per il Clima”, composed of 54 italian organizations (involving about 10m people) united by the common idea to be timely and concretely engaged to stop the planet fever.

Other discussion points presented are:

- a new revolution is involving knowledge, technologies, markets, norms and regulations, social agents and governments. Investments in the green economy and new renevable energy power have overcome for the first time those deriving from fossils (coal and oil). Nuclear power is declining. GNP is unable to measure national wealth.

Lead change processes.

- lifestyles are changing. It is necessary to build zero-emission houses and buildings: the first item in private investments for eco-efficiency today is housing. Food choices are changing, car are changing. Aware and sustainable consumptions must start from public spenditure i.e. in transports. The main gain will be embedded in the prevention of climate change and in the reduction in the consumption of the Planet's common resources.

Measure your present decisions.

- Employment in renewable energies is increasing while it is decreasing in car industry. Real replies to the crises are linked to long run choices, sustainalbe for mankind and environment. We need security and trust for the future. We do not want soldiers to protect oil and we do not want to defend our frontiers to protect a wealth just for few people.

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