mercoledì 15 luglio 2009

The Italian Democratic Party and the "Grillo Affaire"

The proposal of the italian actor Beppe Grillo to submit his candidacy as secretary of the italian Democratic Party (PD), after trying to obtain a regular membership party-card, has provoked within this party, with just few exceptions, a substantial hostile reaction.

For an external observer, like me, this reaction is likely to denounce a substantial PD's weakness. It seems in fact that this party is unable to show enough strength, flexibility and self-confidence in its own ideas and structures to bear a confrontation, maybe strong, polemical and controversial from a particularly "active" protagonist as Beppe Grillo is. PD seems thus unable to hold up this confrontation, to honestly and firmly measure itself against the topics supported by Beppe Grillo: what a delusion!

On this link it is possible to see the recent Beppe Grillo's observations and considerations about it.

Beppe Grillo may be charged with anything: he may be unpleasant, polemic, demagogue, one can disagre with his ideas and opinions, etc. But nobody can say that he is a dishonest or under investigation (unlike many italians small and big politicians).

In conclusion, it seems that the reasons and motivations which pushed Beppe Grillo to submit his candidacy are rather well-founded. When denying the possibility to submit his candidacy, at the end PD confirmed Beppe Grillo's arguments. Furthermore from this affaire results that if someone "external", someone not belonging to the italian political circus, someone not invited, someone not considered "one of us", someone covered with mistrust, someone unable to grant enough obedience and compliance, someone who cannot be put under control, is immediately expelled. This is the main implication of the "Grillo-Affaire".

This phenomenon of systemic removal of "common people" from political parties in Italy happens regularly: how many other Beppe Grillo-like people we know who tried to enter a party to make honestly and actively politics, but they have been humiliated, silenced, marginalized and overcome by dishonest people ready to any kind of compromise...

This is, in my opinion, the most critical aspect of the issue we should be worried about: this is what the Grillo-Affaire has brought to light as well as the stories of the so many unknown Beppe Grillo who every day share the same fate. We must be worried about the absolute impermeability of italian politics toward the positive and constructive pushes arriving from the honest components of our society and the complete disposition of italian parties to easily act as receiver of the worst features and aspects of our unlucky country.

In the meantime a 25 years old italian soldier died in Afghanistan...

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