venerdì 28 novembre 2008

The Bank of The Tales

As usual on Friday, I write this post about an interesting "local" initiative. This is an important event directed to protect and promote some relevant aspects of local communities' culture. In these years of existential desertification, these initiatives help us to make us feel still alive...

The Bank of the Tales - Next meeting at Cellere (Province of Viterbo) Sunday nov. the 30th

Alfonso Prota and Antonello Ricci will introduce "Vincenzo Gioiosi - When the Things are telling a story": a story telling and rural meal at the hut of the shepherd Cencio (Torn) with a visit to the Bandits' Museum.

Vincenzo "Torn" Gioiosi: when the things are telling a story...
Vincenzo "Torn" Gioiosi was born in 1941 and when he was 6 he worked in the moor to pasture cows. He was born in a peasant family considered a lucky family because they ate bread everyday. But good luck had to be gained and the "fairytale was always the same: in windy, rainy or snowy days ... always to the moor one had to go!".

Vincenzo has been told just few stories, but he can speak about Boccaccio, Dante, Homer, Voltaire... about given, bought or forgotten books... Try to ask Torn if he loves to tell stories: he will reply that only a foolish man cannot love to do it...

What is the Bank of the Tales

The Bank of the Tale is a project working on the identities of our territory and landscapes starting from the local stories' heritages. The mission is to give local community back the stories' heritages collected.

Local story tellers are directly involved in the planning phases and in the concrete implementation and construction of initiatives directed to give these heritages back to local communities.

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