mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

President Obama and The American Capability to Innovate

I hope that President Obama will be capable to cope with the great expectations which accompanied his election.

Americans have shown that change is possible while we italians are unable to do so.

America has demonstrated to be capable to generate and produce innovation not only at technological level but also in terms of those institutions which drive and regulate the production and technolgical systems and the legal, social and economic framework. America doesn't produce only Sylicon Valleys because it is capable to create those agents who, at different levels, are the result of such innovative ground being in the same time the supporters of innovation and change. It is a circular process.

Innovation is at the base of change and America clearly confirms this fact. Innovation doesn't influence only production processes, but creates new praxes, practices, cultures and mentalitites.

Italian politicians hate innovation because a cultural and social change may erode consolideated mentalities and praxes. This is what happened in America.

We haven't any Sylicon Valley and our politicians, for decades, have been engaged in destroying the education system, universities and research centres depriving these institutions of adequate financial resources, discouraging the best researchers and scientists and promoting and supporting the "academic mafia". Our political and cultural systems are obsolete as well as the economic, technological and productive ones. For this reason innovation is always hampered: we can allow only a superficial shift without changing anything.

Good Luck Mr President.

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