giovedì 6 novembre 2008

Mines and Paper mills under impounding in Viterbo Province

The fight against environmental devastation in Viterbo Province (central Italy) never stops.

Some days ago, after a deep inquiry, a paper mill in the town of Tuscania (Viterbo Province) has been impounded because the factory is heaviliy polluting the river Marta. Many irregularities have been reported in the production cycle, in the draining systems and in the waste management. This paper mill was under investigation some years ago for environmental crimes.

Environment Police has closed two mines near the towns of Civita Castellana and Castel S. Elia (Viterbo Province) because these two firms were working without environmental permissions in area under environmental liabilities. Moreover these two mines were operating at an excessive depth capable to put at risk the hydro-geological stability and the water springs' system in the whole area.

Well done!

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