lunedì 24 novembre 2008

When a Public School Collapses

Saturday morning (nov. 22nd) the roof of a public school in Turin crashed killing a student and injuring other 20 students (among them four in severe conditions). We are waiting to see when and how responsibilities and causes will be established. In the meantime everyone has attended in the past, or having recent contacts, any italian school perfectly knows the exact condtions in which italian school buildings all along are.

Italian schools are disgusting!

The problem of the dramatic degrade of school buildings in Italy (which is actually the materialization and the tangible feature of the degrade of the educational system as a whole) is an old issue surely not exclusively indictable to the present government.

What I want to reproach to an entire political class (both right and left wing) is its total, criminal and culpable disregard for our public schools which has been lasting for decades.

We perfectly know that schools, universities and research institutions are not a priority for italian politicians. Similarily, we are aware about the attemps to push public education system to a definitive death. Yet the attempt to estinguish public schools by killing students is completely out of our imagination.

I'll always repeat that the public schools' conditions, as well as other public goods, represent the indicator of the link between the quality of politics and the possibilities to achieve a decent social and economic development that is based on people's respect. The degrade of public schools, even in a material sense, is the materialization of the ethic degrade of an entire political class which always direct public economic resources to grant favours to particular interests, to increase its electoral base, damaging the entire collectivity (in this case even its physical security)

We have had a similar tragedy some years ago also in San Giuliano, a town in Puglia region where 27 children of an elementary schools died after a criminal school re-structuring.

How much are these lives worth for our politicians? Not so much...

While our public schools are collapsing, italian politicians do not renounce to 1€ of their handsome wages and to their no-use privileges

While our public schools are collapsing, these sirs have created a development model in which increases in private incomes are never translated into widespread impovements in the quality of life standards: private richness is going in the opposite direction to social and economic progress.

While our public schools are collapsing, the ethos of "doing my own business" is enhancing and we all know that after the present tragedy moment everything will be as usual waiting for the next tragedy.

In the meantime, some families in Turin, as already happened for many families in Puglia region, are paying the bill of having the wrong politicians...

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