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An Indecent Society: Violence Against Women

Ipazia, Martyr of Fanaticism

In this blog I'm trying to assume the concept of "Decent Society" as fundamental key-factor at macro and micro (local) level, that is a Society based on the idea of "respect" (towards people, Nature, environment, traditions, cultures, etc.) and awareness within the communities which compose this society.

For this reason, I do want to remember with this post that nov. 25th has been indicated by the UN General Assembly as the International Day for the elimination of violence against women.

I don't want to discuss here about general issues and principles or cite particularly relevant fact. For this aim, there is a heap of opinion leaders, media and blogs surely more important and authoritative than this blog.

My mind is going to those many important and less important cases of abuse against women everyday happening in places where this violence is perpetrated in silence, in the fear of prejudices and in the understimation because considered "low profile events".

These "low profile events" happen everyday around us not involving "anonymous" individuals but rather involving often men and women living very close to us.

A community tolerating any form of (physical and psychological) violence against women is an "indecent" community composed of "indecent" subjects. There is no religious absolution or justification when someone claims the proposal to render another person an "object" also conving this person to be as such: an object which can be used, exploited and thrown away.

Respect must be based on dignity: when women are deprived of dignity (in their everyday life, in politics, in religion, in society, etc.) then also respect will cease.

"There is no way to oppress those women convinced of their dignity, sometimes offended but not-annulled but rather reinforced often by injuries and frustrations."
(Wanda Montanelli)

My thoughts thus are directed to those are involved in this fight, as the Antiviolence Centre "Erinna" in Viterbo", having often the opposition of male politicians (who hamper in any way the female presence in institutions and who support these battles only on "paper"), scarce financial resources, adverse economic models (women usually are the first victims of unemployment and always find major difficulties when starting a new activity as entepreneur) and a culture, frequently catholic inspired, which, by definition, is sistematically against women.

Remebering the Ipazia's sacrifice...

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