lunedì 3 novembre 2008

The Courage to Change

I live in a small rural village in Central Italy.
America seems far away from here and the next Presidential Elections seem far as well.

Yet I have a small hope.

I hope that American People will be capable to change, to elect a President finally capable to adequately cope with the dramatic issues of the XXI century.

I hope that Americans will send a sign...
One can show the courage to change and abandone certain disastrous choices made in politics and in economics which, among others, have provoked dramatic environmental devastations, deep injustice and widespread poverty worldwide.

I hope that Americans will do it because we in Italy are not capable to do so.

I thus hope than Americans will send us a lesson of democracy above all for us Italians who are not provided with a similar courage being only capable to produce and support a political class showing uncapability and unwillingness to change anything.

I hope that a process of change will arise from America involving also the rest of the world.

I hope that we can finally breath some fresh air because we are choking here...

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