mercoledì 12 novembre 2008

Good News from Corchiano (Province of Viterbo)

I share with you this interesting new about a good initiative promoted by the Municipality of Corchiano (Province of Viterbo - Central Italy). Furthermore, I'm very interested in it because the village where I live (Vitorchiano) and Corchiano are linked by the fact to be two sites in the past both dedicated to the Etruscan Great Mother Orcla: both villages (together with the ancient site of Norchia in the same Province) were once site of a natural temple-space consacrated to this Female Earth God.

Natural Monument "Forre di Corchiano" (Corchiano Ravines)

Friday nov. 14th - Presentation of the Site

Saturday nov. 15th - Walking and story telling along the paths of the Ravines.

The Natural Monument "Forre di Corchiano" is finally a reality. This is an area placed near a small river characterized by many natural and historical resources: prehistoric sites, graves, ancient mines, a roman bridge, relics of the ancient roman road "Via Amerina", ancient mills and an old electric plant.

Particularly interesting is the walking-story telling event on sat. 15th: a local writer will tell ancient traditional local stories and fairies while walking through the forest and the archaeological sites. Participants will discuss also about history, literature, community's memories and environment with, at the end of the walk, a "rural meal" made of local traditional food products.

The creation of this park represents a critical moment for the local municipality after years of commonly shared efforts and exchange of opinions, ideas and proposals among local people about sustainable development models, modalities to promote and support local identity and to increase landascape and environment quality. This place thus acts as a key-tool to promote and stimulate the identity roots of the local community, its heritage of stories, traditional expertise becoming in the same time potential source of material and non-material common progress. This is thus a concrete positive contribution for a sustainable local development in the name of local vocation, promoting common welfare and creating opportunities for the future generations.

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