lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

Who will bear the sacrifices?

The most serious aspect of the current financial crisis is maybe the effects of the next recession frequently depicted as incumbent, dramatic and long standing. The most worrying problem is that the victims of this future recession will be, as usual, dependant workers who will suffer firings and severe reductions in their economic possibilities. Workers in the public sector will face the same problems whose wages will be freezed for the next years. These workers will bear also the highest burdens in prices' increases: food, services, mortgages, etc. Young people and fixed term workers will suffer even more this condition. This scenario drives me to make some considerations about a recurrent issue in the italian politica debate, which however in these weeks has not gained the space it deserves: coping with the need to adopt soacrifices to face the effects of this financial crises, the giant costs of Italian politics (at national, regional and local level) and bureaucracy are no longer acceptable. We all are called to make sacrifices, but these sacrifices are acceptable if commonly shared.
In this moment of crisis and having to deal with its future social and economic implications, italian politicians must reduce their wages and expenditures before claiming for sacrifices for others otherwise the policy of cuts and sacrifices is no longer endurable. It is not possible to see fixed term workers in the streets protesting to defend their jobs while Italian politicians drive their luxury cars turning their heads aside.
About this issue, we must continously insist, , continuosly, continuosly, continuosly ...

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