lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

Local Politics and Environment: bad and good examples

Following the events and initiatives of some local political representatives against the "Riserva Naturale della Selva del Lamone" (Natural Wildlife Reserve of the Lamone Forest) in the Province of Viterbo (central Italy) a meeting of the Provincial Committee and the Local Environmental Association has been held with the aim to organize and promote a number of initiatives to support the wildlife areas' system, protection measures and sustainable development. During the last weeks, after continuing and insisting pressures and pushes from some hunters and also on the base of an instrumental and wrong interpretation on the data about the presence and damages made by wild boars, the local administration decided to approve a motion asking for a reduction of the Wildlife Reserve (!), a foolish decision criticized by some other local politicians and, even if lately, by the local mayor. It seems rather obvious that, on the contrary, the role of the Wildlife Natural Area has to be absolutely supported. Local associations are organizing many initiatives including roundtables, meetings and seminars together with the suggestion to improve the local waste management system.

The natural monument "Valle Oscura" (Dark Valley) is a 125 hectares area in Soriano nel Cimino (a rural village in the province of Viterbo-central Italy). This area is characterized by a great oak forest and many other expressions of plant life and animal species and a complex system of streams. This area includes also a relevant historical and archaelogical heritage (prehistorical, etruscan, roman and medieval): to defend such a peculiar territory local associations have involved local communities and prepared a proposal for the creation of a Wildlife Natural Area. This proposal will be presented on november the 8th in Soriano del Cimino.
(well done!)

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