venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

No Coke Mobilization

(I here enclose the following press-note)

Also this year Legambiente (Italian environmental association) is going back to Civitavecchia (the main port of our area very close to important agricultural territories) to remark its opposition to coke.

In a dramatic period of economic and financial crisis italian government is trying to stop UE environmental programmes. Insisting with fossil fuels, also proposing coke and adding to this also nuclear energy mean a return to the past and evidence the incapability to manage the present energy, environment and financial emergency. Sustainable energies and energy efficiency represent the real economy of the energy system. Investments in energy efficiency and sustainable resources are secure and safe factors for our country, its growth and job creation.

Once again we will be back saturday oct. 25th to Civitavecchia to bring our message against the coke plant: we will hold a press conference and our "penguins to stop the fever" will go to the city centre.

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