mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

Roberto Saviano's Struggle is our Struggle

The Italian writer Roberto Saviano has received death threats from Camorra (Naple's Mafia) because he has denounced its logics, aberrations, values' subversion, cynism, criminal ugliness and violence. With his book "Gomorrah", Mr Saviano had the courage to uncover a world which all are immersed in and about which we also feel ashamed to talk of. For this action Mr Saviano was forced to renounce to his personal freedom risking everyday to be killed for his free thought.

Surely who lives in a small rural village or in any civil country will consider all this as a remote and unintellegible event: nonetheless all free men and women are called to send a signal to defend a free man and the everyone's freedom against the strategy of "silence" which makes us "slaves".

The Italian newspaper "la Repubblica", where Mr Saviano currently writes, is collecting solidarity signs for Roberto Saviano. Give your sign at the following link:

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