mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

Rural Networks

A new European rural network is about to begin its acitivties. National networks belonging to ELARD, the european network of rural development, will hold a meeting, organized by EU Commission, in Limassol-Cyprus on 16-17 oct. 2008 to discuss development and envrionmental sustainability, land management and biodiversity. Italian rural network will propose the issues of competitiveness of the italian agrofood system; environmental resources' conservation; new opportunities for young farmers and women. By 2013, the activities linked to the development of rural areas are included within a wide european scheme. In Italy three specific structures will be engaged in the management of the related activities: Unac, at the Ministry of Agriculture, the Network's Regional Offices (Prr) and the Central Board with coordination and direction goals. The scheme implementation is supported by 41.459.883 € (EU quota) and further national financial resources.

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