mercoledì 17 giugno 2009

With State Aircraft, the State flies away

Rome prosecutors have ended an investigation against Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi over allegations that he used state aircraft to fly guests to his private villa in Sardinia. Prosecutors said there was no case against Berlusconi as there had been a person on board each of the flights who was authorised to be there.

More informations about these facts:
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In my opinion, the core problem of the entire issue is not related to "legal" aspects also because in Italy there is a consolidated praxis to modify or delete any norm or regulation can hamper politicians in their absolute privileges' exploitation

The problem is not to evaluate if a law has been eluded or not but rather to evaluate the absolute decline of the "Res Publica", the moral degradation of an entire political class (similar episodes happened also during the previous left-wing government) and the general indecent atmosphere polluting our everyday life.

In a period of critical crisis and economic recession when everyday politicians declare that there are no funds to support those have lost their jobs, who is about to lose his job in the short run, those temporary workers with scarce o no rights, those retired people surviving with just few Euros, for decrepit schools, trains and hospitals, and so on, these episodes are offending public decency.

These episodes hence highlight a problem of "decency" rather than mere "legal" questions.

It is indecent that there are no funds for public goods when millions Euros are spent for state flights for personal purposes.

It is indecent that "Res Publica" has become a "Res Privata" for exclusive advantage of few beneficiaries.

It is indecent that in Italy there are First Rate citizens, Second Rate citizens and citizens in a perpetual condition of relegation. It is indecent that in order to become a First Rate citizen, one is forced or disposed to do anything...

It is indecent that all this happens in a general indifference, becoming something "normal" because no law has been violated.

The real time bomb on which all of us are stupidly sitting (which should be quickly defused rather than everyday fomented) thus consists of blatant injustice and inequality as a form of government: how much (economic, social and politica) injustice and inequality will this society still tolerate?

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