giovedì 25 giugno 2009

Mind the scandals...

The continuing news about scandals involving italian politicians are removing public opinion's attention from the real nature and size of the problem our society is presently facing. This is maybe a strategy to make more and more fluid the border between politics and variety shows: it is more and more difficult to clearly understand if we are attending a reality show or a TV show with coloured lights, girls and soubrettes or "political" facts in a stricter sense. Is this fiction? Is it real or unreal? Is it a TV show? This is the level where italian politics are ending...

In the meantime economics, and its implications in terms of concrete interventions to support jobs and development, energy, innovation and scientific research, health system, education, etc. have less and less space in the general debate: often these issues are relegated in few TV programs with scarce audience because considered "too boring" by the large public when compared to the exciting gossip generated by these scandals.

Environmental issues (about which no politician really care after any kind of election) totally diseppeared. No information about wastes in Naples and in Palermo. No information about organized crime. No information about construction abuses or the legalized land devastations affecting our territories. No news about culture...

This climate of collective numbing in particular is shouting one of the worse real italian problem: corruption. Just to go down to earth I evidence here the Transparency International website devoted enterely to these topics. I suggest to examine the (continuing worsening) italian situation also to remeber what is really hidden under the tip of the iceberg of these scandals.

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