giovedì 18 giugno 2009

The Leopard's Rule

OECD has recently released its Survey on the Italian Economic Status. The final conclusion is rather severe linked mainly to the incapability and unwillingness of italian politicians to seriuosly deal with the critical problems and challenges the rather fluid international context (in economic and social terms) is today delineating. Once again the message is clear: Italy is unable to change. A capability and a willingness to manage change do not exist at all.

This condition is essentially manifested, as the survey highlights, by the complete decline of school, university, training and education systems as well as in the total underevaluation and misconsideration of the role of Scientific Research as critical tool to support the evolution and progress of a society as a whole.

As the recent scandals have clearly demonstrated, in Italy social and ethical involution and decline today are a preferable option, in political terms, than evolution and progress.

In this perspective, I have found many interesting topics in a paper recently released on "Energy Bullettin" titled "Maintaining Our Prosperity" by Lionel Orford.

This article mainly emphasizes the enormity of the problems we are facing today highlighting, in this way, the need for competent, honest and aware politicians capable to manage (and possibly solve) them. At the end it sadly emerges the enoumous gap between the severity of these topics and the quality of our politicians...

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