giovedì 4 giugno 2009

European Elections and caves

European Elections are approaching and at the moment no political programmes are in sight in the italian political landascape. The main discussion is biased on disgusting personal affaires which however are the barometer of the contempt with which public institutions are used and managed in Italy.

This obscene low profile discussion is pushing us to completely forget "Europe" from which Italy appears extremely far. In Italy Europe often is seen only as a source of easy money to be distributed to political clients under the pretext of small or big projects. These projects are rarely focused on doing something concrete (infrastructures, services, new firms, jobs, development, etc.) but rather just on the project itself: surveys, researches, commissions, panel groups, coordination offices, seminars, meetings, workshps, "ghost" training courses, etc. Sometimes from all this can result the publication of depliants or no-use reports good just for printer. A clear example of this may be represented by the fate of the EU programs LEADER in Italy: low or no impact at all.

All this should make us think about the fact that Italy urgently needs Europe also considering the low qualitative profile of italian politicians: Italy is competitive in the agrofood sector, for Ferrari cars or for fashion industry but politically Italy is absolutely not competitive.

While politicians are chattering, associations are working hard trying to focus public attention on concrete relevant issues often not considered by media and not included in any political programme.

I do not want to join no-use polemics amplified just to divert us from reality: I prefer here on this blog to deal with real and concrete issues which should be the focus of effective politics. An interesting example of this is provided by the caves' and the mining sector in Italy which shows relevant environmental and business implications (about which we usually know very little...)

The recent report released by Legambiente (an Italian Environmental Association) identifies many topics which continue to be hidden by silence and excluded by any electoral programme: resources' waste, lack of controls, environmental devastation, speculations, etc...

What a difference with the political bla-bla today in Italy made of "daddy", divorces, parties, etc. For this reason I suggest the reading of this report also to go down to earth...

This report (in italian) can be found here

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