martedì 9 giugno 2009

The Military Business

There is something wrong in the italian political economy. There are no funds for schools and education, no funds for justice, scientific research, public health, for disable people, for children and elderly persons. There are no funds for alternative energies and for sustainable development, for culture and tourism; but for politicians' wages and for the military business funds are always available.

Since too long time in Italy military sector has been considered as a driving force for national economy: military missions abroad, along the same lines as American policies, are a big business translated into orders to sector industries, (military and non-military) jobs and wide political consensus.

Just to have an idea about this economic deformity, I suggest the reading of this interesting
article (in italian) released in the italian site "Altraeconomia" which provides data, facts and figures on this issue from the SIPRI 2009 Report.

Maybe this is the time to think on this heavy economic distortion and provide alternative and more rational paths to economic development.

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