lunedì 29 giugno 2009

A researcher's story: Rita Clementi's farewell to Italy

Rita Clementi is a fixed term scientist at the university of Pavia. Her research activity culminated some years ago with the identification of the genetic origins of some expressions of malignant lymphoma. As many other fixed term (temporary) researchers, Rita Clementi has been suffering for years an intolerable climate of blackmails and subjection by academic mafia within the italian university system because not adequately protected by a powerful "patron". Research quality unfortunately is not enough to grant a scientific carrer in Italy.

After many years of oppression and obstacles at work, she has decided to leave Italy, as any other scientists and research so far; she is about to continue her research activites within an important medical center in Boston (USA). Before leaving Italy on next July, she has written a letter to the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, denouncing the intolerable climate in which the italian system has collapsed.

A prompt reply and (possibily) an intervention to stop this miserable decline would be appreciated (what an illusion...).

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