mercoledì 29 aprile 2009

The tragedy of outsourcing in Italy

In this blog often I have rebuked italian politicians for their unwillingness and incapability to share those sacrifices many common people are suffering (not all actually...) as consequence of the current economic crisis and recession in terms of family budgets' reduction, unemployment, worsening in job conditions, poverty, etc...

To this phenomenon of unfair sacrifices' distribution - according to which someone pays the expansive bill for someone else who keeps on enjoying his luxury life as usual - the continuing enduring of the perverse use of outsourcing in Public Administration, Agencies and Insitutions in Italy has to be added.

The massive and unjustified use of external consultants' support should be considered as an indicator of inefficiency for the involved public organizations and a manifestation of the fact that a Public Institution is considered and managed as a private property.

In 2007 these often useless consultancies have costed to the italian state budget at least 2.5 bls € and no government (both right and left wings) has demonstrated a real intention to block this praxis.

Many inquiries have confirmed that these false external consultancies often hide subordinate jobs or a system to grant an exchange of favours. Just few italian politicians, often not supported by their respective parties, have tried to denounce these facts.

Despite the current difficult economic situation, there are no signs of law measures by the present government and virtuous behaviours in public adminstrations yet...

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