giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Earthquake and Polemics

Great polemics has been provoked by the fact that many, too many recent and modern buildings collapsed as houses of cards for the hit of the earthquake in Abruzzo. In particular I have been very impressed for the collapse of the students' residence and the critical damages at the Hospital in L'Aquila.

The main risk we have in Italy now is the usual problem of the italian emergencies. This unlucky country has the capability to develop a real "emergency's economy" with entire economic sectors which prosper over accidents and catastrophes also preparing the conditions for new emergencies for future business.

The great flow of Euros from government and EU budgets which are converging in Abruzzo will act as a lubricant for these economic sectors and for the related political references: a real godsend to oil the gears of bribes, favouritism and partiality.

We free people have the duty to hamper and denounce this impeding that entire sectors of local communities will be trapped in these mechanisms.

The worst desease Italy suffers is amnesia: after a very short time, the real causes which have provoked so many deaths, as usual common people as we are, will be forgotten. An earthquake doesn't kill anyone per sé: the impacts of an earthquake are more or less aggravated by human errors and incapabilities. Due to this (culpable or criminal) incapabilities even a modest earthquake may become a catastrophic event causing thousands of victims.

As usual, very shortly, everything will be as before and probably cities and villages now destroyed will be reconstructed as before maximizing profits and reducing as possible costs.

As usual. As usual.

Public health, infrastructures, public buildings, public services... Till when will be able to tollerate that someone as usual will get richer and richer on our skin?

When finally do we recover from this desease?

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