mercoledì 1 aprile 2009

Protests against the "false" orange juice

In Italy the amendament to the EU law recently approved by the Italian Senate prefiguring the abolition of the 12% minimum content of orange juice in orange soft drinks and sodas, is provoking a great wave of protests and opposition.

Farmers' associations, consumers' associations and some politicians are organizing a sensibilisation and pression campaign in order to hamper, with the ratification in the House of Commons, to the definitive abrogation of the article 1 of the law n.286/1961 according to which soft drinks using oranges or other citrus fruits must contain orange juice at a minimu level of 12%.

This absurde abrogation may generate multiple damages.

First of all, it is quite difficult for me to understand the abrogation of such a norm in a country like Italy, one of the most important oranges' producer, giving thus the possibility to produce orange soft drinks without oranges. An Italian farmers' association (Coldiretti) has calculated that the elimination of the 12% threshold could eliminate about 120 ml kgs of oranges from the market produced in 6.000 hectars of plantations with clear detriment for producers and consumers. Above all in southern Italy.

The production of "false" natural soft drinks, completely created in industrial labs with chemicals flavours and ingredients, is an evident damage and fraud to consumers with an unavoidable erosion of quality standards.

It is thus essential to be informed about this issue and other similar measures also considering the absolute silence in the great mass media channels. At the end nobody is informed about it...

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