venerdì 24 aprile 2009

Renewable Energy from Agriculture: the perspectives in Italy

Yesterday the International Forum "Tomorrow Energy", organized by Coldiretti - an Italian Agricultural Organization- has been held in Venice.

During the meeting, a report has been presented according to which energy production from renewable agricultural sources should triplicate in Italy in the next decade with the creation of about 100.000 jobs. According to this report renewable energy from agriculture should achieve the 8% on the total, compared to the present 2%, in 2020 with an amount of 15,5 millions tons oil equivalent.

The main contribution (70%) should derive from wood biomasses, crop and food residues and livestock wates. 20% should derive from biofuel and 10% from solar, wind and hydro energy.

These data has been calculated also on the base of the directions and strategies defined by the Agricultural Ministers during the agricultural G8 meeting in Treviso (Italy). During this meeting agricultural ministers have expressed their intention to give more space and role to the production of renewable energy from agriculture with better links between energy sector and agricultural activities.

The report presented in Venice has, among others, highlighted the critical role of short distances in the production of energy from agriculture in order to limit emissions during transportation of biomass and to hamper the diffusion of unsustainable activities of large energy plants through deforestation, substitution of food production etc.

The general hope is that in Italy in this field finally the time gap can be filled and quickly a green energy sector will find adequate space and development opportunity.

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