venerdì 23 gennaio 2009

Sustainable Energy: a meeting in Florence

"Energy" is a particularly urgent issue in Italy: it is urgent to reduce the dependance from abroad imports, protect environment, develop new energy sources, support economic dynamics, efficiency and productivity. Surely agricultural, forest and livestock productions can play a relevant role in this context i.e. in the generation of bio-energy with important impacts for many rural areas in terms of firms' development and jobs' creation. In the meantime CO2 emissions in Italy have increased for about a 12% since 1990.

Sustainable energy and energy efficiency may thus represent a relevant opportunity under many points of view: job creation, environment protection, economic and social development. In addition, the topic "sustainable energy" is likely to be an issue where the cooperation between firms, civic associations and scientific research may play a critical role.

These issues are at the core of the workshop will be held today in Florence organized also by the Institute of Applied Physics of the National Research Council of Italy (IFAC-CNR) and the Florence Industrial Association during which also the network Energethica will be presented.

Further info, the workshop's programme and contacts also to obtain the workshop's proceedings can be obtained at this link.

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