venerdì 9 gennaio 2009

The Snack Fruit Project

The "Snack Fruit" project, single packaged fruit and vegetables served in schools by automatic dispensers, is one of the best practices certified by the EU Commission. During the conference to present the european programme "School Fruit Schemes", Snack Fruit Project has been indicated as a "consolidated experience capable to contribute, thanks to the involvement of about 43500 school students in Rome, Bologna and Bari, to design a pilot project to support Member States which, by 2009, must launch development schemes on fruit and vegetable consumption".

The possibility to pursue a real fight against obesity through fruti and vegetable consumption is at the core of these schemes, according to Director General Lars Hoelgaard (EU Commission Agriculture and Rural Development Division) also because these programmes directly involve agricultural systems linking farmers to consumers.

The "snack Fruit Project" results from the collaboration between research centres, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research. This project is a positive tool to give the opportunity to school students to eat season fruits carefully selected and packaged for a healthy snack.

This kind of initiatives are extremely useful to promote an adequate and aware food culture as well as to stimulate and support local economies through the use of local products.

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